About me


Hello, friends! My name is KATE SIRA and I LOVE jewelry and always wanted to dedicate myself to this industry. 

Just like most of us, I have always been very busy with routine and could not escape from it ... Study, work, move to another country... again study, again work...

However, in 2020 everything stopped because of Covid... I lost my job and I rethink all my life priorities. On that day, I decided to do what I want my entire life! We spent practically the whole year quarantining, creating jewelry designs, and solving problems with online shopping. I still feel all the negative experiences that I had with different online stores and try to understand the origin of these problems not to be “just another online store”.

One of the biggest issues of all these nice-looking online stores is that you can’t find how the product really fits on the women’s body. There are simply no photos, or they look fake.

Especially for you, we are making a tonne of photos of each piece of jewelry on women so you could check the real look. We also carefully picked a full range of different models in a hope that you would find how does this accessory suit a woman like you. 

For me, it is extremely hard to find a nice accessory that fits perfectly. What’s more, when I finally think it’s coming home - it always comes in the wrong size or damaged, or even lost on the way.  

Therefore, when creating designs, we primarily focused on versatility and the ability to adjust the product to any possible fit. We have created a unique ring design with an invisible clasp and now you or your boyfriend should not worry about the size as it will 100% fit. Also, almost all of our bracelets have an adjustable clasp to fit your mom as well as you!

I have traveled to numerous countries and been to almost every corner of the world. So, I find my inspiration in different cultures and create collections of the finest women’s jewelry by taking the most elegant styles of European and American designs. 

The next significant problem I faced with online shopping is poor support and very slow shipping in the US or International shipping, which is way slooower. 

So, we made a vow: my assistant and I will be in touch with you 24/7. Each order must be hand-picked and shipped within 24 hours from Los Angeles, CA. 

And finally, the price! Good jewelry from popular brands costs thousands of dollars, an unreasonably high price backed only by the name of the brand.

I decided to make you the best product for a fair price. And only you can decide whether I succeeded or not!

We are open to critique and suggestions and we will read every message that you send to - support@katesira.com